COVID-19 is having a significant impact on us all, and for some, across all aspects of our lives – be that in the workplace or in our personal lives. Now more than ever, supporting our crew to thrive is not only the right thing to do but is essential for us to navigate our changing business environment.  We have taken note of this, we are working with a workplace wellbeing company, chnnl, to improve the workplace experience for our team members.    

We started this trial at the end of July in our rentals branch in Christchurch. We currently have around 20 active members using this app daily. This app is a safe channel for employees to report how things are going, in a 100% confidential and anonymous way. Chnnl can detect early warning signs of poor wellbeing, and enable early intervention by prompting you to get help. The app provides tailored advice to users to help improve their wellbeing. The data that is collected by Chnnl gives leaders unprecedented insight into the collective health of their workplace culture, any bullying and harassment, and negative trends that may arise.  

From a Future-Fit perspective, providing our crew with a mechanism to give honest and confidential feedback on their wellbeing is a critical step in achieving our people future-fit goals. It has created a way for us to be able to track the wellbeing of employees in ways we have not been able to prior, by giving our people the space to have full trust in the process without the fear of judgment. 

Throughout 2020 our crew have been faced with a number of unprecedented challenges, whether adapting to the fast-changing COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, responding to community need after the Australian bush fires or pulling together to restore operations within days after the September 2020 fire at our Auckland Branch, their resilience, expertise and commitment show our crew play a critical role in our recovery going forward into 2021, and why we see progressing our Future-Fit People goals as our top priority.