Building our Cultural Capability - Our Global Commitment

At a global level, thl is on a journey to build our cultural capabilities, specifically: the skills, knowledge, behaviours and protocols required to plan, support, improve and deliver products and services in a culturally respectful, genuine and appropriate manner.

As a global citizen based in Aotearoa New Zealand, we act in a manner reflecting our ‘Kiwi’ heritage. We also operate across Australia, the US, the UK and Europe. We acknowledge there are many different cultures and approaches in each country. We are therefore taking a place-based approach to building our cultural capability, actively recognising and respecting Māori, Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and First Nations Peoples, and their continuing connection to their land, waters and communities.

This means that while we are committed to a set of eight global guiding principles (see below), we will have a distinct focus in each separate jurisdiction acknowledging our local responsibilities, undertaking cultural protocols appropriate to each location. In other words, the global elements of thl will need to find an appropriate voice that resonates with the place-based approach within each region.

We will focus on jurisdictions where we have the greatest opportunity for positive impact, initially Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia but we are exploring opportunities to appropriately engage with First Nations representatives in North America. At a group level, our leadership team will provide clear accountability governance and resourcing. We will also undertake training so that our policies, procedures and processes are aligned with this ongoing journey.