Reaching the 100% renewable energy goal is harder in some of our countries of operations than in others. In Australia, the % varies a lot by state and is low compared to, for example, New Zealand. During FY20, one of our Future-Fit team members completed a full analysis of all our countries.

Whilst it is not easy to achieve this goal, we can still make good progress by switching to energy providers that guarantee a higher % of renewables. This is not always the most cost-effective option in the short term but combined with our efforts to reduce power use and long-term implications, we believe this is the right thing to do.  

In March/April the Australian team went ahead with switching to Power shop in BNE and SYD and they are planning on switching others where possible.  

The impact for Sydney is a carbon saving of 119 tonnes/year 
The impact for Brisbane is a carbon saving of 102 tonnes/year 

This has a significant positive impact on our efforts to reduce our absolute carbon emissions. 

To progress our goals to reduce emissions and save energy, an LED lighting upgrade was completed at EL Monte RV Los Angeles branch and headquarters site, our largest facility in the USA. This change will reduce electricity usage at the site by around 47,000 kwh annually and contribute to reducing our scope 2 emissions in the USA.

In Waitomo, our Ruakuri Cave and Visitor Centre is entirely off-grid and solar-powered.