Working with a future-fit mindset and methodology

At thl we recognise that business, society and the environment are part of an interconnected system and depend on one another to thrive. The scale and pace of change needed requires a holistic, science-based approach, focused on system value. Over the last three years we have focused on embedding a science-based, systems-focused sustainability framework throughout our business using the Future-Fit Business Benchmark.

We approach this as both a mindset and methodology, guiding our decision-making and activities from global strategy to country work programmes and Future-Fit Sustainability Action Plans for all branches.

Our commitment to becoming a future-fit business acknowledges the significant and rapid change needed to tackle the complex issues the world is facing, including the climate crisis. It is a way of thinking, a pathway and clear destination to aim for contributes to the aspiration of a socially just, economically inclusive, and environmentally restorative society.

Over time we aim to achieve all 23 future-fit 'Break-Even' sustainability goals, of which three are our top priority. We conduct an annual Health Check of our performance against the goals, please check out our Health Check showing our progress over the past three years


It is in this context that our Future-Fit Business commitment is strengthened. We must acknowledge that some aspects of our Future-Fit path will necessarily have to change in the short-term due to the cost reduction measures in place for now.  We will have to adopt a less data and measurement-driven approach. However, we continue to embed the six capitals framework and system thinking into our way of working, and our Future-Fit goals will drive the fundamentals underpinning our business as we reset."

Rob Campbell, FY20 Integrated Report.



To review a detailed breakdown of performance per Future-Fit break-even goal, refer to pg 19-20 of our FY20 Annual Report