Our Approach to Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable procurement means only purchasing items that are really needed, and whose production, use and disposal both minimise negative impacts and encourage positive outcomes for the environment, economy and society. Following circular economy training and a successful pilot with the factory team in Australia, we rolled out a new Global Sustainable Procurement ‘flexible framework’ in FY22.

Sustainable procurement requires having policies and processes in place that enable thl to anticipate where negative supply chain impacts are likely to occur, avoid them where possible, and take measurable steps to address concerns that arise. We developed a new Sustainable Procurement Policy outlining our commitment to improving our sustainability performance for our procurement processes. A key tool for us to manage our supply chain risks including the risk of modern slavery is our Supplier Code of Conduct (see below) which set out our sustainability expectations of our suppliers while acknowledging we are also on the journey.

A Global Sustainable Procurement Working Group has been established to embed a consistent approach. This includes reviewing social and environmental hotspots for supplier categories using the future-fit Procurement Hotspot guide. Training for key staff on sustainable procurement is under way, and we have achieved Foundation Level 1 of our Sustainable Procurement Framework. In FY23 we are moving to Level 2 to embed sustainable procurement throughout the business. 


Supplier Code of Conduct - Download it here


What is a Supplier Code of Conduct ?

A Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the behaviours which an organisation expects of its suppliers and their staff. It may extend to the supply chain and may include commitments on how the organisation will work with its suppliers to build trust and ensure compliance.

Why are we implementing a Supplier Code of Conduct ?

Implementing supplier codes of conduct is not something new: businesses have been doing it for a number of years and thl is on a journey with many other companies to improve our supply chains.​ ​​It will enable thl to (a) anticipate where negative supply chain impacts are likely to occur; (b) avoid them where possible; and (c) take measurable steps to address concerns that arise.

Supplier sustainability performance impacts thl's performance. This is why we have created the Supplier Code of Conduct for our suppliers to adhere to.​ 
We recognize this is a journey, for thl and for our suppliers. We have a long way to go, but by working in partnership with our suppliers and moving forward together, we believe we can contribute to a Future-Fit Society.  

What is expected from our suppliers?

We seek to engage and collaborate with suppliers who share our values, sustainability commitment and approach to conducting business better. As a first step we ask you familiarise yourself with the Supplier Code of Conduct

We ask that our tier one suppliers fill out this self-assessment form to acknowledge you are meeing the Supplier Code of Conduct (or seeking to meet it with a Resolution Plan for clauses you are still working on). We understand that sustainable procurement is a journey and you may not currently meet all of the requirements within the code. We ask that you provide a resolution plan on how and when you plan to meet the requirements.

Tourism Holdings are on the journey with our suppliers. We understand this may be the first time you are dealing with a Supplier Code of Conduct, below we have provided some useful resources the will help you meet the requirements set out in the code. For any further assistance on the Supplier Code of Conduct please contact our team at info@thlsustainability.com