A Future-Fit Business actively seeks to anticipate, avoid and address the concerns of all local communities whose wellbeing may be affected by its operational activities.  As well as working to engage with our communities to address any negative impacts, we can provide support to communities in need during times of crisis, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic.   

COVID-19 has impacted all communities, globally.  This unprecedented event has also provided thl the opportunity to connect with our communities in ways we have not done previously. 

We quickly became an essential service in the US, providing motorhomes to government agencies, utilities, healthcare providers and other organizations to assist in the response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our vehicles provided mobile, self- contained facilities that could easily be located where the community need was greatest.  

The US team moved quickly to focus on outreach to community organizations to offer our services and support the Covid-19 response. In the US, our outreach team comprised of up to 30 team members from across the business who made contact with thousands of community support agencies.   

Our Motorhomes were used to provide temporary accommodation for vulnerable community members who had been exposed to Covid-19, and as mobile units for Covid-19 testing and to support essential services to operate safely.  We worked with a number of utilities and power companies to supply RV’s that were used to comfortably accommodate essential employees on-site at key power generation facilities, safely isolated in order to ensure the continued operations of the power plants.  

We worked with several Counties in California to set up temporary facilities in response COVID-19, to effectively provide self-isolation for vulnerable community members who lacked the option to isolate at home. We were incredibly proud to be able to support States like California meet their emergency accommodation needs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Building on our years of experience as a leading motorhome provider. 

In New Zealand, as part of our successful ‘Get NZ Moving’ campaign, we've partnered with our friends at TOP 10 Holiday Parks to create 10 new pop-up branches nationwide. We set out to create more opportunities for Kiwis across the country to experience a motorhome while encouraging domestic tourism back into New Zealand’s unique and diverse regions. 

We continue to flex and respond to our community need across all jurisdictions, and plan to establish community feedback mechanisms as a priority in 2021.