thl's approach to Sustainable Procurement.

Sustainable Procurement is the act of adopting social, economic and environmental factors alongside the typical price and quality considerations into the organisations handling of procurement processes and procedures.

thl's vision is to sustainably connect millions with personalised local experiences, leveraging our global expertise in Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and tourism. To deliver this vision, we know we need to take an active role in tackling the complex issues the world is facing, and that is why we’re committed to becoming a Future-Fit Business.

thl's approach to sustainable procurement is to understand social and environmental hotspots for our key procurement suppliers categorised by spend risk and visibility.   We have mapped current performance in sustainable procurement across People, Policy, Process, Suppliers & Metrics. We are embedding sustainability into procurement processes.

thl is on the journey to becoming a Future-Fit Business using Future-Fit BE04 to ensure we are seeking to reduce – and eventually eliminate – any negative environmental and social impact caused by the goods and services it depends upon, by continuously striving to anticipate, avoid and address issue-specific hotspots in its supply chains.

All companies are mutually accountable for the environmental and social impacts caused by the production and delivery of the goods and services they depend upon. thl must work to screen, avoid, or (where already in use) eliminate any purchases of goods or services that either directly, or due to unavoidable consequences, lead to outcomes that undermine society’s progress toward future-fitness. Through this work thl has developed a Sustainable Procurement Policy (link here) and a Supplier Code of Conduct (SCOC) (link here) to help manage our supply chain risks and opportunities.


thl's performance against the Supplier Code of Conduct

Alongside our suppliers thl has committed to ensuring we meet all of the requirements set out in the code. We are proud to say we meet all of the requirements set out in the code. We are happy to provide this information on request. We ask suppliers where possible to pay all staff a living wage, thl is still working towards paying all staff a living wage. We are currently on the journey to meet this goal. thl has moved all New Zealand employees to a living wage that is aligned with Living Wage Aotearoa found Here. We have faced roadblocks in moving Australian crew to a living wage as there are no current reliable living wage models available in the region. We endevour to continue to research living wage models and achieve this goal as soon as possible. Currentlly Australian employees are paid at or above the Fair Work minimum rate. In the USA all crew are paid at or above Federal, State or local minimum wage rates.